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Astrological Aspects

"The universe is not something that exists "out there" independent of us. We are permanently involved in everything that happens. We are not just observers, we are participants. As strange as it may seem, the universe is a universe of participation." -- J. A. Wheeler


The planetary aspects are probably the trickiest part of the interpretation of a horoscope. It is therefore necessary to provide the utmost importance . What do we " planetary aspects " ? Each planet is separated from the others in the zodiac by a number of degrees of longitude . When these reach numbers determined intervals , we say that the planets in question are mutually appearance. This is also the time of a rhythm because planets are a dynamic element in the theme , while the signs are a backdrop.
The planets are forces in perpetual motion occurs when a specific angle between two or more of them , it therefore forms an "aspect" , there is a sort of pulse that gives life to the theme , that it prints a movement, and this is the meaning of this movement, in terms of phases and cyclical process that must be seized to interpret a theme.

If we take the meaning of each isolated aspect that goes into the composition of a theme, it can however be faced with conflicting data such as:

  • Mars in Scorpio square (90 °) to the Moon which may be a sign of cruelty (sometimes unconscious)
  • Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces: index of goodness.

It is therefore necessary to rise above the analytical examination of the subject to achieve the reality of the individual. Here , all these contradictions , all different directions form a synthesis unit .
If we talk about square or opposition , we talk about disharmony , tension, or imbalance , so something that can only exist particular point of view, limited analytical form as a being an organic whole despite enigma of his spiritual , mental and physical components.
In the case of an objection , for example , it is necessary to arrive at a deeper perspective and detached , beyond duality, beyond " good and evil" where the opposition is reconciled and resolved, these two terms are somehow balancing one by the other.
An entire birth is the particular balance is the sum of all the balances and imbalances and all the conflicting configurations (or just otherwise ) which together form a complete unit .

The terms " aspects of tension " and " aspects of relaxation " or " harmonic aspects " and " dissonant " which was the basis for Kepler to develop his work on the aspects in his Harmony of the World are used.
If we want to understand the concept of harmony and dissonance , it must be remembered that aspect, whatever it is, close the meanings of two planets in question, there is collaboration between them . When the aspect becomes dissonant , planets collide.
In his mind , the subject that has astral dissonance fails at its inner unity, it is divided , torn between conflicting trends. In his health, he may be attacked. In his outer life , it may be subjected to painful events . In short we can say that hard aspect highlights the negative side , defects , weaknesses of each of the two planets faceoffs
In contrast with harmonic aspect, the subject is adapted to life will evolve spontaneously , without having to pose problems and grow naturally. If, however, some severe clashes occur, it will digest them without too much trouble .
It is otherwise with the dissonant aspect that expresses conflicts experienced . However , the hard aspects are not necessarily adverse . They can be both the source of the largest imbalances of the greatest human creations.

Applicative aspects and separative aspects

There is "applicative aspect" when the fastest planet has not yet reached the correct aspect with the slowest planet. If, for example , Mercury is in Libra and Uranus 5 ° to 10 ° of the same sign , there certainly was a conjunction but we say that Mercury is faster , applies to the conjunction of Uranus. Instead, in separants aspects , there is separation when the fastest planet exceeded the exact aspect with the slowest planet. If Mercury is in Libra and Uranus 12 ° to 10 °, there certainly was a conjunction Mercury is faster but is separated from the conjunction of Uranus , is said to be separating or distributary . It will be the same for all other aspects .

1st Hemicycle

According to Dane Rudhyar this first chamber is the baseline for half a cyclical process. It's called " Chamber involutive " because a potential spiritual or karmic necessity " involution " in the matter, in the world of real forms , during the first half of the process.The first Chamber refers to a series of phases during which spontaneous growth occurs in response to a need . During the first chamber of a process, something grows and develops because there somewhere needs it can potentially become .
The first chamber begins with the conjunction that we could compare to New Moon and ends up opposition (180 °) that can also be compared to the Full Moon and closing the involution phase of cyclical process initiated at the conjunction.

2nd Hemicycle

In opposition begins the second chamber called " Chamber devolutive " ending at the next conjunction. Henceforth the clear distinction will be made between " growing " aspects occurring in the course of the first chamber and " decreasing " aspects in the second chamber. Also according to Rudhyar this second chamber is the continuation and reversal of involution , vital proces started the conjunction. In contrast, the culmination of the cycle having exhausted the possibilities inherent in growth involutional process , the vital energy that fueled the cycle begins to decrease , as the Moon after the Full Moon . The specific forms that have been built to serve as a vehicle and bring the cycle to its culmination , slowly begin to disintegrate because they are no longer necessary and vital momentum gradually withdrawn. This process brings the annual vegetation to wither and die after producing flowers and fruits. The second chamber is one facet of any really total multifaceted process .
A study of more approndies on the subject of planetary aspects can be found both on the details of the technical , practical and philosophical , in the book of Dane Rudhyar " The Astrological Aspects".


General meanings of the main planetary aspects :

The conjunction is the first aspect : it is logical to think that at that time the meanings of 2 stars tend to mingle . Just as the seed, the exact conjunction represents a moment of pure potentiality . It derives its real character , in each particular case of the planets that compose it. It is in analogy with the number that symbolizes A Unit that represents the ALL .

Semi -sextile (30 °) : This aspect symbolizes the basic needs necessary for growth generated in conjunction potential.

Semi-square (45 °) : Here begins the first aspect of tension. According to Dr. W. Koch, German astrologer and scholar, semi-square produce a surge, a deployment with clashes with inappropriate troublesome effects produisants in spurts . Some compare it to the seed buried in the ground at the conjunction and meets the first stone : first tests . We can then have a tendency to want to go back.

Sextile (60 ° ) : This is calculated by dividing the circle of 360 ° 6 . We can say that this number is in complete harmony with its appearance. Its divisors are 1 , 2 and 3 . 6 is the perfect number for excellence because it is equal , not only the amount but also the product of its divisors . This is the number of perfection , he is freed from space and matter because even quickened , the material remains imperfect.
By representing the sextile by a cube , we see that it is built on a square , the material in its finished form . Developping cube we obtain a cross formed of six squares, for the mystics, the Christ Cross Tiphareth , symbol of redemption , Regeneration . With the cross in the cube, 6 in 4, a change must inevitably succeed involution and door recorded material itself the promise of recovery . There has in any matter , something that is " AWARENESS " . It is a mental aspect that is related to the ideas , education, mental work . It is found in prominent themes thinkers, intellectuals. It can tilt to indolence , a lack of direction and the easy acceptance in themes marked by a large passivity.

Square (90 °) : When comparing the combination to the "Idea" in embryo , sextile to be necessary for the development and implementation of the "Idea" mental conception , it must inevitably succeed their construction that is symbolized by the square . This is calculated by dividing the 360 ° circle by the number 4, which is the objective of event . 4 is also the number of organized matter . Square carries a value dissonant as any event necessarily implies the limit and the district. With the square there is a tendency to react suddenly and often embarrassed to external stimuli , producing the action control and often successfully . It is a fighting character , and appears to have characteristics in Martian tendency of or especially brutal and dynamic sense . It appears as an indicator of difficulties to overcome , obstacles to overcome in order to force to be overcome , to change the environment, the things that surround them, to find " IT " which are likely forces to restore balance. In modern psychology , it is a source of perversion or neurosis if the individual falls, but sublimation if the subject is raised.

Trine (120 ° ): It is calculated by dividing 360 by the number 3, which is the ideal shape. With 3 material is born , the Triangle that evokes the notion of scope , ie space in the plane as well as in three dimensions. This is when the Triangle is that it is possible to construct the simplest volume ( tetrahedron with 4 triangular faces ) . A volume can also be a strong and this brings to mind something tangible and concrete, in the sum of equipment . For there is shown a third condition must be met are initially two conditions, positive-negative for electricity for example ... The trine is the concrete manifestation of the effort with the square . It denotes fruiting. Trine with the spirit is upbeat and obeys the laws of nature without problems. The NATF may however fall asleep in a false security and gently consider the opportunities available to him. It is therefore important to determine whether the subject through other elements of the theme is still active or readily apathetic, indolent .

Sesqui- square (135 ° ) : The effect of this aspect may seem "negative" priori because it is the sum of a square (90 ° ) and a semi-square (45 °). According to the astrologer Guy Dupuis, the appeared at the square shaped faces what it really is . According to some authors , it would work a little choppy as the lightning does not always unleashes lightning. For Rudhyar , the aspect of 135 ° in its positive connotations , native indicate that to really succeed, it must take care to always find in the essence of his inner vision , and include the needs (not only the will or desires ) of others.

Quincunx (150 ° ): The traditional astrology is considered as a factor involving doubt. It is obtained by adding the square ( 90 ° ) and the sextile ( 60 ° ) . Still according to her, must be manifest to his positivism s'èlever towards universal , spiritual reflection and the subjectivity if he wants to avoid the negative effects of materiality. For Rudhyar, " quincunx provides the means and opportunities for more specific focus that the proposed trine . Should now make all the necessary adjustments in the expression , action or application, to bring the whole cycle successful when the opposition culmination .
At the subjective level , quincunx often manifests as a feeling of dissatisfaction : dissatisfaction with oneself in the mature person or frustration and rejection of the blame on others for those who have not yet realized the reality around them and have not accepted. "

Opposition (180 °) : With this aspect, closes the first chamber and the second begins called " devolutionary " . This is based on the number 2 is the number of responsiveness, you can see the analogy with the Full Moon when the lunar orb receives sunlight. The opposition may be a passive configuration. If the theme is a passive type , this condition can be easily accepted , but in the case of a being strong , active, the influence of the oppostion can lead to friction and constant struggle , as notices in the themes of many of the military leaders and for all those who , so to speak , fight their oppositions , spending their lives in war and on the battlefields . In some cases , the opposition denote flexibility , opportunism . Liabilities side of the opposition also says that it can be a complement as two opposite natures can complement .
According to Plutarch : " When numbers are divided into two equal parts, the even number as it leaves an open space ready , but the odd number appears as a body capable of bearing " However, it is recognized that . the wave of birth always takes place on the Full Moon, which is the opposition of the Moon and the Sun. The mother and child are freed. The " A " positive and negative " TWO " in balance. Native who has an objection to liberate the imbalance in arriving at a deep and detached point of view, " beyond duality " which is reconciled to , resolved, these two terms are somehow balancing one by other.

Two attitudes may therefore result from an opposition :

First a positive attitude.
Indeed, the duality is constructive insofar as everything in nature springs from the action of two opposing forces , which grows out of a state of passive balance of the unit. It is with the opposition to roduct maximum tension. It can result in attitude towards each other and attractive star seeking to collaborate with him. Here , strength and harmony born of a contrast.

The negative attitude.
Since the opposition tends to create differentiation, attitude overlooked, conscious partner can make room for the openly hostile , the opponent systematic . The opposition then comes a sanitary aspect, the maximum voltage becoming explosive .

But the individual has no choice if he wants to avoid the negative effects of the Opposition, it positively must rise beyond all duality.

Other aspects

These aspects are not used by all astrologers. First the so-called "Aspects of Kepler " aspects (they were recommended by the latter ) . These are: semi -quintile (36 ° ), the quintile (72 ° ), the bi-quintile (144 °). They are derivatives of the number 5 .

Semi- quintile (36 ° ) : The Humanistic Astrology is considered as referring to the relationship between a new creative impulse and ancient techniques . It is the product of 360 divided by 10 and refers to the inclusion of 2-star to 5 - star boughs branches - 10 in a circle. One of the two ends downwards and the other upwards . The number 5 symbolizes man as master power of nature and natural forces.
According to the astrologer I MARCAULT ( article in THE BLUE LOTUS , No. January 1936) quintile is related to the automatic consciousness and the unconscious. India attached him to consciousness objectified , ie the 5 senses of knowledge ( 5-pointed star above ) and the 5 senses of action ( 5-pointed star below ) . Meaning that these 10 and the images they create have to do with the unconscious action and dreams , that's what no psychologist can not deny . In theosophical language astro- mental, ie the mana objective and concrete. It would therefore be reasonable to expect that we have in the pure geometric aspect of the Western tradition , the remains of this body abstracts the etheric body ( the umbilical chakra 10 petals that would brain consciousness with the psychic principle or astro- mental modern theosophical classification) .

Quintile (72 ° ): According to Kepler the significance of this aspect would be fit and harmony. It seems to play an important role in the themes of personalities marked by a spiritual quest , such as Ramakrishna , St. Teresa of Avila, Lanza del Vasto , and even Einstein. According to Rudhyar, the quintile facilitates understanding of the universe in a constructive and balanced approach .

Bi- quintile ( 144 ° ): For Dane Rudhyar, this aspect expresses his creative introversion dimension , but also a negative point of view , some forms of obsession, a "complex " creator of his own hallucinations.

Apect derivative number 9 : The Novile ( 40 ° ) : The number 9 is number of the completed gestation ( 9 months of gestation ) , followed by the birth . This period also includes 40 weeks and the number 40 was the symbol of a period of preparation for a rebirth. The novile represents the level where the full accomplishment of the individual being is possible , either as an end in itself ( negative approach ) or as a condition of poistive emergence in a field to be quite new and higher ( beginning with the number 10 ) .

Aspect derived from the number 7: septile (51 ° 25 ' 42 ") . This is based on the division of the circle into 7 equal parts This number refers to sevenfold occult tradition , it is the key to personal immortality of self-identification in a complete cycle. conceivably, its interpretation is not the most obvious in a theme. however it involves some form or other complex psychological or spiritual compulsion , and in this sense, can be seen as an expression of " destiny." What seems to be fate or destiny for living personality struggle or suffering , may be interpreted differently in terms of the spirit that transcends the particular personality .


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