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Old fascination: the Eclipses

Celestial phenomena visible to all, eclipses connects us to the rhythm of planetary movements and thus opens the universe. They remain a subject of fascination and / or superstition, most often interpreted as harbingers of doom, they never leave indifferent and still is today for many a symbol rather négatif.Nous will look here symbolic aspects that will to all those who are interested to make the general interpretation. To make personal astrological interpretation, we need to reconcile with individual astrological charts.

Let in the first physical phenomenon. There are two kinds of eclipses, lunar eclipse and solar eclipse. These go hand in hand and occur twice a year about six months, they can also be a trios : two lunar eclipses and solar and two solar rarely accompanied by a lunar. There are eclipses is not so rare. By cons, they are not visible to everyone every time, it depends where you are on our beautiful planet Earth and the time at which the eclipse occurs.

A lunar eclipse occurs at the Full Moon. Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon in alignment as it sees its shadow prevent sunlight illuminate the Moon as usual. This must be happening at night so we can see.

Solar eclipse is when the New Moon it can happen again, we need a perfect alignment. This time, against this is the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun and we belies its light for a moment. This eclipse, so that it is visible occurs in broad daylight, and will only be complete for a portion of the illuminated surface of the Earth.

The stars involved are the Sun and the Moon, fixtures we are all aware, accompanying us every day. Our fathers and mothers celestial somehow to begin in the symbolism which we will summarize here.

Sun, our star of the day, is the central star of our planetary system, provider and source of energy that sustains, strength radiant light essential to life, is unquestionably the most important star for us. The Sun represents the life force, the creative impulse, fire, the spark of life. It is directly linked with the breath as a symbol First, the origin of creation.

Moon, star of our night, although it is a satellite of our planet, so very small, seems almost as big as the Sun. This is due to its proximity. It does not radiate its own light, it reflects it, thus offering to illuminate our nights. But it does so in a gradual development through a growth cycle until the fullness of the Full Moon to gradually disappear until we find ourselves completely private light at night, the New Moon. It represents the matrix, receiving life to its fulfillment by the work of time, too, water, fertility. It is directly linked with the Source as a symbol, the vastness of the universe, receiving the breath and fertilizing in the work of Creation.

These two stars are symbolic of all that can accomplish a work, all that begets life and life of Creation. One without the other, the work can not be accomplished. In human terms, it will also be the development of consciousness.

Associated keywords:

  • Moon : mother, matrix, food, fertility, opening, mirror, inconstancy, unconscious, everyday, intimate life, family, fantasy, global memory, me inside ...
  • Sun : father, vitality, Ideal Self, confidence, vitality, radiance, public life, self-expression, perseverance, leadership, outside me ...

In New Moon, there has somehow marriage between the Sun and the Moon, the moon receives sunlight on her face hidden, but we is hidden. There seeding : a new opportunity, a new idea, a new impetus. Then, it develops or is revealed gradually during its growing phase. At the Full Moon, the revelation or the work is accomplished. There is fullness, it is the culmination of the momentum, we can see the performance, understanding belief. .. You can see what is hidden, the night was greatly enlightened and also make awareness. But then took the maximum distance from the source and needs to be reformed union in order to draw new strength. And so the cycle continues.

Life has a tendency to repeat the same way as it is not disturbed, and consistency rhythms of maintaining things, which is an indispensable aspect. But in the known anchor quickly becomes ultimately bulky and heavy, preventing life to renew and continue to grow in new directions, or in other words for us humanly, to grow to more awareness by querying and of energizing experiences. This requires the rhythm breaks into multiple otherwise you risk. Eclipses play the role of disturbance.

A lunar eclipse, so a Full Moon prevented in its fullness, we cut this source for a while. The wait can be filled, the promise generated at the New Moon is not required, there are more intermediate role of the Moon for us to answer, we are no longer fed, the mother responds more. It no longer maintains habits, no longer protected, and this shock, a new vision that may arise and more accountable to the needs of the soul attitude. It must be open to other forms of fulfillment, one of them has just denied. Fruitful source of our inner selves, or our unconscious is cut us, meaning instantly a sense of loss, anxiety, insecurity. But at the same time, it also means that maintenance of old memories also sustains a cut, which translates into an opportunity to liberate the forces of the past, old habits and old ways of thinking.

The solar eclipse means a power far greater light. Any light source is then cut across the surface of the planet for a while. It also occurred in broad daylight and it can not be ignored. Breath is cut, it is between the inhale and the exhale, we are in a " suspended time " synonymous with the movement to stop, a return to the Unit where can seep contact deeper, where is the magic of creation, just before it resumes with a new drive the course of its manifestation. A great silence as one can know in deep meditation, for example. A break with the former is then a fresh start with a new view can now be considered. At the time, the loss of energy, momentum towards life can be difficult to live and create significant confusion, we can experience a sense of failure, dissatisfaction with his personal reality and its achievements, me is shocked, it is blocked in one way or another on the path he followed, and sometimes brutally. It feels cut off from the "Source", we lose confidence in life. These cuts may be more or less dramatic, some suicides also are related to these eclipses. In fact, another way of being is encouraged to emerge, a new way of directing energy, externalize, a new creativity can occur thereafter.

It is interesting to note in what order are eclipses, lunar eclipse ahead of the solar eclipse or vice versa. A lunar eclipse before the solar eclipse usually indicates a break, failure, lack of protection, resources, etc.. , Since it is the Moon is eclipsed. She has not done before the New Moon and does not provide fulfillment or understanding the new germ of the next New Moon. The solar eclipse follows therefore pushes further switching and sees her sent to the Full Moon following message. This sequence shows a more immediate and radical change.

Conversely, when the lunar eclipse follows the solar eclipse, energy renewal infiltrated the solar eclipse can not be accomplished immediately, the Full Moon eclipsed refusing to say so, to convey the message. For cons, the cut that is the Full Moon eclipse is transmitted to the next New Moon, where a new form out.

Of course, more prosaic, when one is personally affected by the eclipses, it is difficult periods, avenues we are cut, unintended changes must be done very often, but it should not be forgotten that it is then a possibility of renewal and revival that says says Life and deepening of consciousness.

Practical issue, we study a solar eclipse as a transit, but accepts very little orb, 3 º orb is really the maximum acceptable. Should be given more importance when they are fixtures that are affected by eclipses.

Eclipses symbolize particularly this idea of ​​change if we take into account the general atmosphere of "heaven". To summarize, eclipses means a possibility of renewal and revival that says says Life and deepening of consciousness. Eclipses are a sign of renewal. ..


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