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Astrology and knowledge of our inner rhythms

One of the jewels of astrology is his knowledge of cycles. This is it, in fact, that we can understand the changes which are taking place, naturally, within an individual.
This lighting can pose issues of the moment, to transform or abandon maladaptive attitudes, to go with the flow inside, brief use changes to grow. There are two types of cycles: the "generic" said cycles, ( so named because they affect all of us as member of the human race ), the first of which is placed that of Saturn, used by the ancients to identify key stages of life, and "personal" said cycles, for each in its specificity, depending on the subject based on the date, time and place of birth. These personal cycles of the highest importance to understand the changes that can happen to us, we always invited to realize the promises contained in our potential of birth.

By studying the cycles, we are led to relativize our freedom from the mysterious intention of Life in us and sink us in the great Law of Nature which directs us and advise us, if only we let receptive. Astrology, the book of nature, and allows us to perceive the intelligence at work in the universe and ourselves, both by analogy are inseparable.
Therefore build on the changes, use their energy moves forward with open eyes in the realization of our own work, alchemical essential.

Generic cycles of Saturn, from 30 to 44 years

Saturn, the question is to build as a social being, which means to accept and integrate existing frameworks, define themselves to others by taking responsibility.

30 years. This is the beginning of adulthood, astrologically speaking : it is about to leave the project
family, guardians of his education, to engage in life with his own dynamics. For the ancient Romans, it became "junior" at this age, after being "adolescent"  before.

Approximately 33 years. The initial impulse of 30 years often leads to question his professional life, social or family, because now is the time to prepare a future for themselves - not to meet the expectations of parents, for example. Time shift therefore asking in the following years to form, cultivate, provide the means of his "political" future.

36-37 years. It is a time of confrontation with the world, implementation of which will be a trade by which we feel exist, which correspond to their own abilities. It is also often a time of crisis in the couple, asking to change relational mode. At this age, we have the opportunity to " prove " to engage in a well defined way, whether professional or social.

Around 40 years. Arises at this age the question of the meaning of life, and the relativity of professional success,
which usually occurs at a time when it is greatly stressed by work. .
Time shift to a future that takes into account most of what you want.
Subsequent years to bring to sort out his life, by getting rid of attitudes
inadequate and maintaining those based on its own essentiality.

Approximately 44 years. Era hinge existence, which can be regarded as the fullness of adulthood, with the appearance in itself a new skill, spiritual essence, of taking
into account the fundamental difference of others, to work with them, something that will obviously not so and assumes a personal journey. .. At the same time, energy
vital starting to decline, it may be that we get depressed and feel that it seeks to reassure reliving another outbreak of adolescence. For the ancient Romans, it became "senior" at that time, able to exercise the highest social responsibilities.

Example key moment in a personal cycle : the conjunction of Pluto to natal Sun

( Passing a slow planet on a sensitive point in the chart, signifying the beginning of a "new life" for people born between 1st and January 5th. )

Since already many months you are in a crisis of extraordinary transformation that puts low all your previous benchmarks and invites you in your deepest resources, most unknown. This crisis is certainly involved complicated relational situations where the unspoken rule is.
Your choices earlier life, your projects are radically challenged, and you do not know where you are or who you trust. Your energy has taken a hit and concern nagging you, disturbing you in your sleep. Do not yield to discouragement if: you are just entering the laboratory transmutation. And if you do not recognize your life if your beliefs, your habits are just a memory of another age, another planet, do not panic too much: what happens to you is part of the evolution of your nature, and you have within you everything you need to get by.
It would be inappropriate to embark on proactive actions to develop rational strategies structured to keep some control over the situation. Do not try to control anything, because it will not work very well. Let you rather teach what you send the world. There is nothing to do there : there just to understand, to feel, to feel. Listen to your body. What your intuition tells you hear it, live it. Wisdom lurking at the bottom of your sensory perception is the surest guide. In such a moment, the I Ching of ancient Chinese advise you to "consult be major, " you speak to someone who not only allow you to be yourself, but also support you in the heart of uncertainty, this nothing, provisional, which nevertheless contains all the seeds of your future. A good therapist, for example.
You put your left foot on the ground. Look left, right, front, back.
The way is it free ?
Move the right foot. Look again in all directions. And so on. Advance.
Things are not as you would like? Your ego takes a hit ? You are not your ego. Relativisez your problem. Let go. What is, is. You're not all-powerful, and that's fine. You are human, fallible, vibrant and bright at the same time, by. ..
Enjoy this "as " to blow for blow, case by case. And, along the way, you will advance to not ant leaps and bounds in a new understanding of life. Do not condemn what you find in yourself. You live in a time of uncovering, revelation of hidden things for a long time, like old family secrets. Enjoy it ! This vision will melt. It introduces you. And when this transition is accomplished, you can finally take another stride, you will not be the same: you will be richer, more humble, more tolerant and humane. In the meantime, you row. That's life, your life. Keep courage, whatever the losses. You live in a time of great changes in your life.
What is true, based enshrined in the mysterious depths of your being ?
What is the surprise you that life after all deconditioning ?
What will this good fortune ?
Only you will know. This will be your new beginning.


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