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The 12 astrological houses and their meanings

The houses represent a range of experience of the subject and provide an understanding of the functioning of the person, whether in relation to others, his work, his love, etc.. They are twelve in number as the zodiacal signs and each is in analogy with one of these signs. However, unlike the signs which are each spread consistently 30 degrees in the zodiac circle degrees houses can differ completely from each other. They are calculated from the exact time of birth.

Composed by 12 houses (house system called), is not always the same as astrologers there are several methods, Placidus, the oldest (seventeenth century), equal houses (with variations), Koch, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Alcabitius, Topocentric, etc. Morinus. Most popular today are certainly Placidus, Koch and equal houses.

It should also be noted that most astrologers consider a planet near the next house belongs to him. The passing scores in the house after are different depending on the sensitivity of the authors and range from 1 ° to 6 ° , or even up to 8 ° or 10 °. Some astrologers , minority rather prefer to ignore this rule. We choose by default the Placidus house system and a conventional position relative to the selected threshold crossing values: a planet within 1 ° of the next house belongs to him, and 2 for the case of AS and MC . It is also possible to change these options on certain site applications or on the astrological portrait, and choose the equal house system houses or Koch or disregard jumps next house. It should be noted that these jumps next house apply in any case in the passage next sign , so even a planet in the 29 ° 29'29 " in Taurus will be well in this sign , and in no way in Gemini. There has total discontinuity crossings sign , unlike houses.

As we said earlier, these houses represent a range of specific and we give each their life meaning:

The House I, also called Ascendant : Self, behavior, vitality

tells us about the personality , the immediate subject's behavior vis-à- vis the outside , but also on their physical appearance and vitality. It is an essential element in the interpretation of the theme.

House II: the money we earn by labor, material possessions

informs us about the property, how to manage and make money , it is about all the financial sector but also represents appetite and possessions in all areas .

The Third House : the immediate environment , siblings , short trips, studies

corresponds to the communication , the entourage ( siblings, colleagues , classmates ) , education (from primary to secondary ) learning. It is also all short trips, transportation, modern means of communication and correspondence in general.

House IV called "Deepest sky" : family, home , origins, heredity, father

represents the family, ancestors , roots of the subject , his home , either the original or that it will rely. It also tells us about the real estate , childhood , emotions to be. It is an angular house as the Ascendant and is located on the bottom of the map . Some authors associate the home IV to the mother rather than the father.

House V: loves, delights , entertainment, children 's creations

us about the creative and recreational activities of the person, his hobbies , and his love affairs, his chances to play , his relationships with children in general or their own children. It touches on all that is good in life the subject.

House VI: daily life , daily work and colleagues , subordinates, health

informs us about the daily life of the subject , its behavior in the workplace, small obligations , easements . These are subordinate pets. It also relates to the health of every day , drugs , small minor illnesses .

The Seventh House called the Descendant : unions , marriage, other , associations , contracts

opposes the house and I represent the other , the subject's attitude vis-à -vis others, the partner (spouse or partner) . It corresponds to contracts, associations , marriage , the declared enemies. It is through the seventh house as the subject perceives the other . Being opposite the Ascendant , it is on the right side of the card and match the sunset.

The Eighth House : passions and crises , transformation , death , financial investments , lawsuits , sexuality

corresponds to the major crises of life and evolution they generate and represents inheritance, money earned by other trials , but also sexuality , power, hidden things , interest the occult passions .

House IX: travel, high and abstract designs , spirituality , foreign

it is the spiritual and philosophical great ideals, great journeys both physical and domestic . She is graduate school, university and understanding of what is abstract . It is also related to the law, the legality and religion.

The Tenth House also called the Midheaven: social success , professional destiny , mother

in contrast to the fourth house , it is the career of the subject, his social rise compared to its original home . It embodies its ambitions, its fulfillment in society. It is related with the public , the potential for fame and influence of the mother . It lies to the south of the theme, the top of the chart .

The Eleventh House : friendly life, group projects , supports and protections in life

represents the project , hopes the subject, his friends and supporters. It informs us about the kind friend , group activities , its place in the group opposed to the V house is more individual . It covers all topics of humanitarian and collective order .

The Twelfth House : enemies, trouble , loneliness , hidden trials, secrets

corresponds to the inner self of the subject, the trials he met during his life, the hidden , serious diseases enemies. It is in relation to detention centers such as hospitals , prisons , convents , etc. . It is related to the moments of solitude , major domestic crises.


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